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Zoom Zoom Boom

Ever wonder what happened to my 2013 Mazdaspeed 3? Ever wonder why I stopped making videos? This short video will answer all of your questions. Don't worry, now I have a "new" car which I will make TONS OF VIDEOS WITH!

Stupid Driver Compilation

Compilation of people who CANNOT drive and should STAY OFF THE ROAD because they are a danger to themselves and others!

Tags: compilation, motorcycle

VMS Commercial

Commercial shot, edited, and produced by NoResidue for VMS The Brand, an Orlando based clothing designer’s new line of designer apparel.

Tags: commercial

Ferran Park

A short film created for the city PR department. After city officials viewed this project they wanted to use a condensed version in an advertising campaign, and on Google Local Guides it has received thousands of views, likes, shares, and comments. Watch the video that helped resurrect one member...

Tags: commercial

How to Drive a Stick Shift

Don't know how to drive an automobile with a manual transmission? Don't fret! Watch this video, and you will be golden.

Tags: howto, tutorial

Playstation 3 Rocks!

Playstation 3 is the best console ever. Hands down. After my Xbox 360 broke I switched over to the PS3 and haven't looked back. The PS3 is great I love it. It never breaks ever even without a fan plus everything is built in love it best. One time it broke but I got a new one now. That one broke t...

Tags: classic


This video was created for college, it was a Nutrition class project. The assignment was on Italian food, and this was my presentation to the class.

Tags: classic, college

The Interview

NoResidue interviews NoResidue. We find out the thought processes that occur when creating a NoResidue film. We also go backstage and check out the NoResidue editing process!

Tags: classic

The Delirium of Travesty

What happens when you drink milk? This is a prequel and/or sequel to "The Travesty of Delirium."

Tags: classic

Xbox 360 Rocks!

Xbox 360 is the best console hands down. Ever. Even after it broke and we had to send it to Microsoft and wait weeks for it to come back, then it broke, we sent it again, broke again, sent it, broke, sent, broke. The games are cool and stuff as well.

Tags: classic

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