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What is unknown?

Tags: classic

How to Tame a Stapler

This video has absolutely nothing to do with staplers or how to tame them. Rather, it is a dancing video!

Tags: classic

How to Peel a Banana

No, this is not a tutorial video on peeling bananas. It is yet another high school government class project. This video actually landed me a visit in the principle's office!

Tags: classic, government, high school

The Travesty of Delirium

Our attempt to make a "scary" film.

Tags: classic

Mr. Pendleton

This was our take on the movie "SAW."

Tags: classic

How to Kill a Brain Cell

No, this is not a tutorial on killing brain cells, this is a high school project for government class.

Tags: classic, government, high school

The Day There Were No Bagels

This started off as a project for English class, then things got a little out of hand.

Tags: classic, high school

Superhuman Party of America

This was yet another project for government class. The idea was to convince the class to vote for your political party!

Tags: classic, government, high school

Crusader Playset

This was a school project for history class back in 2005.

Tags: classic, high school

sdrawkcab 3

The third installment in the backwards series. Filmed on a calculator.

Tags: backwards, classic