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New video! This one took me a year of recording video footage to make, luckily people don't drive stupid and crazy on a daily basis. Watch it here!

I have started uploading the old videos. Some will be terrible quality indefinitely since I have lost the raw files and original high quality videos, while others will be reconstructed in higher quality. The newest videos will be HD of course.

There's no way of telling how code will act when deployed on a server, since each server is configured differently. I am using CakePHP and I found some very interesting bugs, such as plugin routing not working as it should. Oh well, not a big deal, easy fix. I will be posting about these inter...

Finally after several years working on this new version of the website in my spare time, it is finally finished! There is quite alot going on under the hood, and eventually after I clean up the code I will release the source code to the website free of charge under a very permissible MIT-style...

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